Over the last several years, the luxury electric car and SUV market has been almost solely occupied by Tesla Motors. The Model S sedan and Model X SUV have been rather popular, even being declared “The Most-Loved Car In America” by Forbes.

But the Silicon Valley tech company may now be facing increased competition in the market. Luxury German car company, Mercedes-Benz has now unveiled their own EV SUV, called the EQ. The first appearance of the vehicle was in Paris, France on Thursday.

According to the initial observations, it is created on a new vehicle platform, which makes sense for their first ever EV automobile. The interior includes a 24″ widescreen display across the dashboard. Further, controls are done via touch sensitive digital buttons rather than physical controls.

Mercedes says the range of the EQ is 310 miles, which is a bit more than the maximum of highest kWh Tesla Model X which can travel 289 miles on a single charge. Although this was only one specific SUV that was introduced, it can reasonably be expected that similar electric models will be introduced with similar designs.

(h/t Mashable)

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