One movement which has been picking up steam in recent years has been the legalization of marijuana. Initially, the trend began as a push for it be made legal medicinally. However, a number of states have now opened up access for it recreationally.

The impact of marijuana has been studied extensively, while researchers have looked very closely into potential benefits of the drug and plant to help medical problems. Many studies have suggested that it may have a use to combat cancer, while its impact as a pain reliever is also substantial.

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New research now indicates that medical cannabis may be more effective at improving the symptoms of ADHD than Adderall. Adderall is a drug whose access has been significantly increased in recent years, as thousands upon thousands of people, especially school aged children have been prescribed it as a medication.

Although this was a small sampling of just 30, 22 of the 30 participants opted to use the cannabis rather than their Adderall prescription, as they decided this was more effective in combatting the symptoms. Certainly nothing can be officially concluded, but this does suggest that more research should definitely take place to determine this.

(h/t International Association for Cannabis as Medicine)

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