During the Bears-Lions football game on Sunday, a man stormed onto the field wearing a gorilla suit and an “All Lives Matter” shirt. He managed to outrun security for awhile before slipping and falling. Security was then able to pile on him and he was escorted off the field.


Credit: Barstool Sports

While many people saw the act as a touching tribute to Harambe (Peace Be Upon Him), others on social media were quick to call the man a racist.





Here is the mugshot of the man who was in the gorilla suit:

Credit: Chicago Police
Credit: Chicago Police

Here he is being led away from the field:

According to the Chicago-Sun Times, Angelo Graham, who is from Tennessee, faces one felony count of criminal trespass to a place of amusement.

Graham was mistaken for a random mascot from one Bears player. “He actually ran right past me,” Bears receiver Eddie Royal said. “I thought it was the mascot at first. I didn’t see the t-shirt.”


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