If you are anything like me and have found yourself thrown into the world of young conservatives; then you may feel a little out of place when they start talking about their classes and everyday lives. Most (active) young conservatives tend to be in political science or something of that nature. They are pursuing what they love and get to have a blast doing it.

Politics may not mesh with your profession.

They always talk about how they plan to get an internship at the White House over the summer. You are probably trying to figure out where you want to get an internship, and its probably not as glamorous as the White House.

There are many of us, in hiding, who love politics, but not to the point to where it is all that we want to do. Most of the times we keep politics out of the conversation when we are a professional setting for our career. It does not mean that we do not love politics,  just that our profession is not the place for it.

Our curriculum may be completely different.

However, some of us just get involved with politics as a hobby. I for one, am a pre-med psychology major and if it were not for my criminal justice minor, I wouldn’t talk about anything besides psych or science for the entire academic week. I enjoy politics a lot, but I do not have the same amount of time to actively keep up with every single move in Washington, like some young politicos.

Most of my time spent at college is spent studying for my next test. Do I know every single scandal going on at this moment or every section to the constitution? No. Do I know how to explain lateral inhibition or specificity and distributed coding? Damn straight.

Don’t worry about it.

I am as politically involved as I could possibly be, without slacking on my classes. Its okay that I am not as involved or knowledgeable as my peers when it comes to politics. I still try my hardest to share my love for conservative politics on a daily basis.

Don’t ever feel like you aren’t as dedicated as others because you aren’t studying to be a lawyer like 98% of young politicos. The world needs more conservative doctors, CEOs, professors and blue collar workers as well.

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