When asked about Colin Kaepernick’s protest in an interview with Skip and Shannon Undisputed, rapper Lil’ Wayne said that he had no opinion on it but thinks concerns about racism are overblown.

“I have no opinion on it because I’m not into it enough to even give an opinion,” Wayne said on Kaepernick’s protest.

Host Skip Bayless then pressed the rapper about race relations in the U.S. more broadly and Lil’ Wayne’s experiences.

“Skip, they wouldn’t want to ask me that,” Lil’ Wayne said. “They wouldn’t want my answer to represent them because God knows I have been nothing but blessed. These 33 years have been nothing but a blessing. I have never — and never is a strong word — never dealt with racism.”

“There is no such thing as racism,” Lil’ Wayne said when asked about his concerts that are filled with people of all colors and ages coming together to celebrate his music.

Watch the full interview above.


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