In almost every college classroom across America liberal professors are indoctrinating students on the evils of capitalism while ignoring the fact that capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system in history.

What’s worse than these socialist professors misleading students on the merits of capitalism? Hollywood elites attempting to do the same thing in media but failing.

“The most powerful science fiction holds up a mirror to our world,” said Dave Howe, president of Syfy and Chiller. “‘Incorporated’ is exactly that type of smart, provocative series, delivering a fresh, edge of your seat thriller that challenges notions of the world we live in today.”

Let’s hold up a mirror to this show and see if it accurately depicts even a remote possibility of the future. Set in a future where corporations have seemingly unlimited power, “Incorporated” is a world no one wants to live in. The producers make that very clear in the pilot episode, which is available for viewing online here.

As the year 2100 approaches, the world is in chaos. As governments fell, corporations took control. In order to explain how the world got to this seemingly impossible scenario, the show’s creators outlined a “History of the Past” which helps explain the events leading up to this “reality”. These so called “likely events” are in fact faulty assumptions that represent nothing close to free market capitalism.

I’ve compiled a shortlist of 10 of these events:

  1. Climate change, specifically pesticide resistant superbugs, will cause massive food shortages and deforestation which leads to natural disasters that will cripple our civilization.
  2. Corporations receive billions in government subsidies and eventually get tax exempt status for solving more of the world’s problems.
  3. The US government is bankrupted by natural disasters and can only remain solvent by privatizing many of its services to multinational corporations.
  4. Congress passes a bill allowing any and all weather-related disasters to be categorized as Acts of God and not covered by private insurance companies.
  5. All genetic research in the government and educational system is banned, handed over to private corporations
  6. Hurricanes, flooding and a typhoon make both coasts uninhabitable. FEMA is unable to help, leaving the Private Corporations to step in and provide service for a price.
  7. With energy at a premium, the U.S. Government sends its military force to wrest control from the remaining Oil Superpowers. The United States is forced to call in the aid of private corporate armies and mercenaries in order to secure victory.
  8. Unable to repay the corporate supporters of the Oil Wars, entire sections of the United States are handed over with no restrictions to the major corporations.
  9. Civil unrest explodes following the construction of Corporate Enclave ‘Green Zones,’ wherein corporate employees live in comfort and care, outside of the ‘Red Zones,’ which are racked with poverty, hunger and disease.
  10. The U.S. Government ratifies the 29th Amendment, granting corporations sovereignty. They are now, essentially, nation states, with all of the rights and abilities of a separate government.

In order for the producers to create a world ruled by evil corporations which they think critiques our present day capitalist system, several anti-democratic and anti-capitalistic measures had to be taken.

I don’t think they thought this through very well.

The irony is that in order to lament the evils of capitalism by showcasing the terrible world that is “Incorporated”, they had to institute many totalitarian, even fascist, policies to get there. Let’s make fun of capitalism by making a show that is the product of nothing close to capitalism or free markets. What a great idea!

How about instead of letting big government policies ruin the world and create the possibility of a corporate takeover we actually experiment with free market capitalism.

A system of free market capitalism would allow for innovation and competition that could easily solve the world’s problems while avoiding at all costs these liberal’s vision of the “History of the Future”.

One thing is certain, this show is nothing close to representative of today’s world or any possible world to come if free market capitalism has it’s way.

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Gunnar is a full-time field director for Turning Point USA and a student at the University of Utah studying Finance and Political Science. Gunnar has a strong interest in corporate law and pubic service and plans on attending law school next fall. Eventually, Gunnar plans on running for public office in the state of Utah.


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