Recently, a coalition of 90 groups sent a letter to Education Secretary Betsy Devos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking for their support in protecting LGBT people, gender-based violence, and gender equity under Title IX. The letter says,  “Because it is our collective responsibility to work toward creating communities that will support survivors of violence, we urge you to strongly enforce Title IX, the federal law that outlaws sex discrimination in education, during your time in office.”

However, the claim that 90 organizations have signed on to the letter is questionable. For example, 23 of the groups come from Columbia. Additionally, one of the groups is called “Columbia Against Trump”, which seems like an odd signer of a letter asking for Trump’s administration to enforce laws they support. Why would the coalition have a clearly anti-Trump request help from Trump’s administration.

Other questionable signers include the “UK Colonel Satire Paper” (unclear on what their interest is in the matter), “Asian Women’s Shelter” (no location is provided for the group), and “Asian Political Collective” (again, it is unclear what their interest is in the matter).

Further demands of the coalition include:

“Ensure that schools adopt gender-inclusive definitions of gender-based violence so all students, regardless of their gender identity or the gender identity of their perpetrator(s), feel comfortable reporting to the institution.

● Explicitly recognize that Title IX prohibits transphobia (and other discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression) as a form of sex discrimination. Trans and gender nonconforming students should not be denied access to any facility — including bathrooms and dorm rooms — on account of their gender identity.

● Recognize that harassment and coercion take many forms, including targeting individuals based on their immigration status (such as threatening to report an undocumented survivor to immigration enforcement authorities), threatening to “out” someone as queer or trans, and purposefully using incorrect gender pronouns (or otherwise misgendering someone)”

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