There is always value to free speech, the right to protest, and expressing our First Amendment Rights. By no means do I condemn the women who protest. In fact, I find it noble.

“Women like these are the same individuals that fought for our right to vote,” said Kenzie Rediehs, a freshman nursing student at the University of Iowa. “The women protesting are the Susan B. Anthony’s of this generation.”

Women protesting are the individuals that go on to gain more social rights for women as a whole. However, what I don’t understand in the entire women’s movement is why the individuals that fight for social justice through their everyday actions aren’t recognized.

Consider Kellyanne Conway.

A successful woman that essentially turned our current President from a snarky business mogul to a President. I understand that the women’s movement has a slightly more liberal leaning; nonetheless, Conway is a perfect example of a woman who has an extremely diligent work ethic and is able to achieve her status based on a strong work ethic — just as any man would.

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In fact, she is the first female campaign manager to win a presidential race, yet, the female social movement has yet to recognize her for her role in social justice. Her role as the first woman to defy the norm of men running successful national campaigns. Perhaps her identification as a Republican inhibits her from achieving notoriety in the women’s rights movement.

I wrote an article a little while back addressing how feminism can only be true feminism when women stand as a united front. However, I’m afraid that’s not what’s happening.

Kellyanne Conway and her exemplary behavior as a strong female performing a stereotypical male’s role and lacking recognition shows that this movement lacks recognition of strong female leaders. This is not to say that this movement is lacking purpose, or is a negative movement, my point in this is to say that there are some women performing some spectacular roles as society slowly shifts and yet the liberal-leaning leaders of this movement fail to acknowledge it.

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I would only hope that despite the way we lean on the political spectrum, it should be important to highlight to younger generations how hard work and diligence can take women incredible places in the world. I believe that movements such as the feminism movement would spend their time showing that there is hope for women with hard work instead of portraying every woman as a victim.

I can promise you that as I prepare to develop a professional career, I do not feel like a victim. I don’t go to class and feel that because I’m a woman I get graded differently. In fact, being a woman naturally gives me an edge in my field. In my humble opinion, we need to spend more time motivating the younger generations to grow up to earn these jobs instead of asking society to hand them to us because we are women. We are not victims – we are equals.

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