A socialist club at University of Central Florida recently held a ‘bash Donald Trump pinata’ event on campus, where they also enticed grade-school children to bash Trump. Knights for Socialism, which recently caught flak for hosting a ‘Leftist Fight Club’, was caught on camera teaching kids to punch Donald Trump.

Other characters you could bash included Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon.

According to East Orlando Post, “Days after the University of Central Florida faced national outrage over letting an unregistered student group hold an event promoting violence, the Knights for Socialism have taken their radical antics a step further. On Friday, the group held an event where they allowed students to bash Pinatas with the faces of President Donald J. Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and presidential advisor Steve Bannon.   East Orlando Post obtained exclusive footage from UCF College Republican Douglas Mactye, which includes disturbing content involving an elementary to middle school aged student yelling ‘Kill Trump.'”

Watch the full video here:

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