“Peace is overrated, don’t put down violent uprisings.”

Movimiento Cosecha, a group promoting the agenda of illegal immigrants, is teaming up with “Our Campus”, to push a series of left-wing causes on college campuses in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory last Tuesday.

The group wants colleges to publicly “acknowledge white supremacy and racism, and it must assert itself on the side of its students of color” according to a published toolkit.

The toolkit published by the two groups for organizers of walkouts details a laundry list of typical liberal causes, such as divestment from Israel, divestment from fossil fuels, increased government aid, and transgender bathrooms on college campuses. The group also claims that “state-sanctioned genocide” against Palestinians is going to increase.

This includes:

-Abolishing campus police ( because “the police, as a union, has endorsed Trump” and “Placing us [people of color] in the police’s care is an act of violence”) and using the money for segregated community centers for people of color “and marginalized students”.

-Being a safe space “for undocumented students and their families” and “Muslim immigrants”

-Providing “all-inclusive bathrooms” and protecting against “gender and sexuality-based violence” which includes “a system in which students can indicate and self-identify which pronouns they use”. Regardless of current funding levels for LGBT centers, “funding and staffing must be increased”

-Divesting from fossil fuels, Israel, and the “prison industrial complex”

Additionally, the toolkit urges organizers to use marches and protests as an opportunity to funnel money to the national organization. Organizers are instructed to “get donation bins or something and start collecting cash from the crowd to donate to Cosecha” as well as other local groups.

Finally, the group suggests that “white accomplices” be enlisted by the group to talk to other white people. However, “These white accomplices must not denigrate escalated uprisings, or over-emphasize peace”.

“Our Campus” told Hypeline in a Facebook message that they are not an organization and suggested talking to the individual organizers about the demands.

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