Tomorrow, a “National Campus Walkout” is occurring across college campuses to “Stop Trump”. But, it being a liberal event, a menagerie of liberal causes will all be wrapped into the event, including protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and pushing for government aid for illegal immigrant students.

The event description for the walkout at University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign says students “are feeling scared and alone right now, but together we’re powerful. Now more than ever, it’s important to take action for our collective liberation, and to stand against the threat Trump poses to the safety and wellbeing of women and of Black, Latinx, Native, Muslim, and LGBTQ+ people.”

But, it’s not just about Trump. “That’s why at this rally we’ll also be calling on state legislators to actively work against Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda by passing the Student Access Bill (Senate Bill 2196), which would give undocumented students in Illinois access to state scholarships and grants.”

However, not everyone is on board with the event. One international student wrote on the Urbana event, “I wish you cared about the thousands of international students, mostly legal immigrants,who pay over $200,000 for 4-year degrees as part of the student access bill but yeah who cares right?”.


Some people are using the event as way not to protest against Trump, but against the Democrat Party. A seemingly connected event calls on people to protest the Democrat National Committee offices over their handling of the primaries, and also calls for blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Student Action is sponsoring the campus walkout. “Student Action is a national network of students affiliated with People’s Action fighting for economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice in 15 states across the country” according to a description its Facebook page.

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