The left loves to claim that voter fraud doesn’t happen. They’re absolutely wrong.

On Monday, 35-year-old Rebecca Hammonds was sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to 14 counts of voter fraud. The Ohio native reportedly falsely registered people to vote and forged voter registration signatures in Columbiana County.

Hammonds worked for the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, a left-wing organization that is dedicated to ending mass incarceration and social, economic and political equality.

Hammonds was caught after investigators found that the information and identifiers in her registration papers did not match up with official state records. According to assistant attorney general Brian Deckert, Hammonds committed the act because of “human laziness.”

Despite the fact that Hammonds was caught, the question of how many people committed similar acts of voter fraud is still raised. Who knows how many perpetrators of voter fraud were thorough enough to avoid being caught? And who knows how many fraudulent votes were cast in the 2016 elections?

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Mark Jennings is a student at the University of Arizona. He has a passion for politics and political leadership and has attended conferences with Turning Point USA, the American Conservative Union and the Jeff Utsch Foundation. Mark is also the secretary and a founding member of Turning Point USA at the University of Arizona.


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