Lady Gaga’s new album, Joanne was scheduled to come out on Friday the 21st of October, but some of her little monsters managed to leak the album early, and one user, @Gagalooslove4me was reportedly the first to show off the album being sold early in Brussels!

After seeing the album in stores the internet did what it does best: absolutely hating on that Twitter user for buying it and instantly assuming it was them who leaked it to the internet. The Twitter account has since been taken down due to presumably a barrage of death threats (something the internet is all too fond at). However the tweets leading up to the leak of the album can be seen in the screenshot below!


The images are no longer available due to the account being taken down, however other pictures were also made available on Twitter!

However with all of the people quick to severely attack @Gagalooslove4me, there were a great number of people quick to defend them.



So far the general consensus of the new album is that its amazing and the majority of people love it. As for the staff here at HYPELINE  we can’t say for sure if its good or bad (it is so good though, like you need this in your life), you’ll just have to wait and see on the 21st (like we are totally going to!).

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited? Let us know below!!

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