Dr. Kelli Ward is a candidate in The United States Senate race taking place in 2018. She is a strong and powerful woman who wants to advocate on behalf of the people of Arizona. With high hopes, Dr. Ward announced her run against Republican Senator Jeff Flake in the next election.

Dr. Ward earned her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. As a member of the Arizona State Senate, Dr. Kelli Ward advocated for the people of the 5th district by giving them a strong conservative voice. Over the course of her life she’s earned a trusted record of fighting for school funding, justice, those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, domestic violence, behavioral health, law enforcement, health and finally the right to bear arms. She is more than qualified to represent the great people of Arizona.

In a recent study completed by Rick Shaftan of Atlantic Media and Research, it was found that Dr. Ward was within two points of incumbent Senator Jeff Flake in a 31-29 point vote.  This study was taken in a survey of 405 Arizona Republicans who are likely to vote in the 2018 election. Dr. Ward has a low unfavorable rating of only 8% of voters. This is unheard of in modern day politics. Dr. Ward holds a strong support with voters under 50 years old where she holds 27-7 favorable.

Two very important points are the fact that her name ID is 74% which has her tied with Senator Flake. Jeff DeWit is another possible candidate. Those putting their hopes behind Dewit are doing so even with such a low Name ID and are getting creamed by Senator Flake in the same poll listed above. They are putting their trust behind someone with low recognition and ideology.

As a part of this same survey that was completed, the people of Arizona were asked what the number one problem facing their great state was. The responses were as follows: 25% said the economy, 15% responded with immigration, 8% answered with terrorism and 7% with unemployment. Why is this important you may ask?

Dr. Ward has continued to fight in support of securing our borders, making American great and safe again and previously she served as a physician which was valuable to her understand business and healthcare needs.

Dr. Kelli Ward has many things that make her the best pick for the 2018 primary elections including her strength and willingness to fight for what she truly believes in. She has extensive education, holding a masters degree in public health and a doctorate in osteopathic medicine. Additionally, Dr. Ward has experience as a business owner and a physician. Lastly, she previously served as a State Senator for the 5th district of Arizona and well represented those who elected her.

In 2015, Kelli Ward ran on five issues. The issues were The Constitution, Support for Our Troops, Privacy, Gun Rights and Immigration and National Security as seen on her website.

Dr. Ward believes that we need to introduce more conservative voices into the supreme court and the leadership of this country.

She is a valuable advocate for military families as she has personal experience in that area with her husband, Colonel Michael Ward, D.O who served in the Air National Guard. What makes Michael unique is that he was enlisted before gaining his commission and has served in the Air Force, Army, and Air National Guards as well. Colonel Ward is also a board member at America’s Mighty Warriors. Together Dr. Kelli and Colonel Michael Ward serve as a team for military families.

As a State Senator, Kelli Ward introduced AZ S.B. 1156 which was an act named The Fourth Amendment Act. Its purpose was to prevent the Arizona government from cooperating with U.S. federal agents to illegally obtain phone records. She fought for the right to due process and supported the process that holds our government accountable by requiring them to get a warrant.

The opinions in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Hypeline News or Turning Point USA. This article was written and submitted by an independent contributor and does not serve as an endorsement whatsoever.

See her latest positions at: http://www.kelliward.com/

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