When one thinks about Wyoming, nature, forests, animals, and national parks, would all certainly be some of the first things to come to mind.

Some of the animals that one would think would be in Wyoming? Moose, deer, elk, wolves. All these four legged mammals would certainly not be surprising to see in a hike in a national park going through the mountainous state.

Recently though, the Wyoming Wild Game Department (WWGD) has teamed up with the Wyoming Migration Initiative (WMI) to introduce Antilopine Kangaroos into the region. They have decided to put five batches of Kangaroos into the wild, which will mark a total of 90 Kangaroos.

As would be thought, the kangaroos are certainly not native to the state. These animals typically are found in the western portion of Australia. However officials have been long researching new species to introduce, and ones which will be able to deal with the complex climate of Wyoming, specifically with the long, brutal, winters.

The main purpose of this introduction stems from two ideals. First of all, they would like to see new animals for tourists to be able to see in the wild. Additionally, they would like to eventually allow for another type of animal which hunters will be able to hunt. This portion would obviously be contingent upon how the introduced kangaroos fare in the new environment and if they are able to reproduce at a sustainable rate.

The director of WMI Matt Kauffman, stated that the reasoning behind selecting these kangaroos also largely has to do with their ability to defend themselves from potential predators. The mammals stand on their two hind legs and can kick really well to defend against coyotes, wolves, or other potential adversaries.

Researchers will be closely monitoring not just the population of the kangaroos, but perhaps more importantly that of the currently existing species. They will be monitoring to make sure that the kangaroos do not have too much of a negative impact on the native types of animals, as well as the rest of the ecosystem as a whole.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to introduce these kangaroos to the new region? Let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!

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