Jeanine Pirro, host of “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” said she believes the purpose behind the violent protests in the streets of Charlotte, NC are all about rallying and getting out the vote for the Democratic Party.

“You see, they need this narrative for the election,” Pirro said. “This is all about the election. Black Lives Matter and this whole movement – funded by [George] Soros is all about the Democratic election. Giving the Democrats some reason to join together, to come out and vote for the Democratic Party. It’s why these illegals who were supposed to be deported were given citizenship. It’s why there is this movement to get people to vote and sign up to be citizens. That’s what’s going on – it’s all about the election.”

Police said that 70 percent of those arrested on Wednesday night were not from Charlotte, host Steve Doocy noted to Pirro.

“Is that any surprise?” Pirro responded.

“They go around the country and make trouble and it’s the people in the community who suffer. … The African-Americans who are victims of black-on-black crime,” said Pirro.

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