When Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was silenced on the Senate floor by Republican leadership with “Rule XIX” being cited, significant controversy ensued. The progressive leader in the Senate read a letter about then Senator Jeff Sessions written by Coretta Scott King where Sessions was accused of being a racist, which at the time King cited as reason for him not to be confirmed as a federal judge.

Recently, though, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) spoke out against Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) without consequence.

Senate Rule XIX states that no member of the Senate may not impute another member “by any form of words.” In response, which was largely a response to Senator Paul’s beliefs on foreign policy, McCain made some rather serious accusations against the Kentucky Republican.

Sen. McCain stated:

“If there is objection, you are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin. I have no idea why anyone would object to this. Except that I will say, if they object, they are now carrying out the ambitions and desires of Vladimir Putin.

McCain was delivering a speech about the ratification of a treaty which would expand NATO to include Crimea. The idea would be to protect against further Russian aggression by having that threat. However, with the nature of NATO, it could tie the hands of the United States by requiring American military presence if Russia ever did illegally invade.

In response to this speech, though, Senator Paul quickly stated, “I object.”

Paul did not explain his objection — he simply stated that he was not supportive of the measure. Although this should certainly not come as a surprise since Paul is among the members of the Senate who are most reluctant towards American intervention.

Not only though did McCain speak against the objection, he also added a rather personal remark. This is something which would seem to be out of line, especially since Senator Warren was silenced on the floor for reading a letter which spoke poorly of Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearing.

McCain stated:

“So I repeat again, the Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”

What do you think? Does McCain have a point? Should he have been reprimanded by Republican leadership in the Senate? Watch the speech below and let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!

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