John Bolton was long considered a front runner to be President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the United States Secretary of State. After it became clear he would not be appointed to this position, it was also rumored that he was strongly considered to be the deputy Secretary of State.

After Rand Paul (R-KY), strongly voiced his opposition and promised to filibuster Bolton should he be appointed to any position in the State Department, discussions changed for who would hold these positions.

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In a Senate where Republicans have a slim majority of just 52 seats, Paul could very well get others, like Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), to vote against Bolton. With just a couple votes in opposition, Bolton, or any nominee could effectively be blocked by a vocal minority of Republicans.

In an op-ed in Rare in November, Rand Paul voiced his discontent with the possibility of Bolton finding a spot in the State Department.

“No man is more out of touch with the situation in the Middle East or more dangerous to our national security than Bolton.”

Interestingly, one of the Senators to often join Senator Paul in issues concerning a less robust foreign policy, ensuring privacy of Americans, and criminal justice reform, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently voiced his support for Bolton to take over as national security advisor, in a position vacated with the resignation of General Mike Flynn.

In speaking of Bolton, Cruz said,

“One person I think would be very, very strong is John Bolton.”

Although Cruz has condemned nation building, especially in the Middle East. This comes in stark contrast to the policies which Bolton has been known to implement over the years.

To this day, the former UN Ambassador under President George W. Bush still has no regrets involving the Iraq War and the highly controversial decision to topple Saddam Hussein, which is viewed as a mistake by many, especially in hindsight.

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