The responsibility of yesterday morning’s attack outside of the British Parliament building has been claimed by ISIS. The specific attacker’s name is Khalid Masood, a native of England who has a 20 year long criminal record.

Yesterday’s attack took the lives of three people and injured at least 40 others. The three dead were a police officer, school teacher, and an American tourist. Those dead or injured came from 10 different nations.

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Masood’s criminal convictions began in 1983 and stretched until 2003. The list includes assault, weapon possession, and violations of public order. Masood wasn’t currently under investigation, and London police have stated that they had no prior intelligence of his intent to plan and implement such a terrorist attack.

Prime Minister Theresa May spoke about this attack in front of Parliament, stating:

“Yesterday, an act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy. We are not afraid, and our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism.”

May went on to state that this attack was an attack on free people everywhere. Parliament also observed a minute of silence for the victims the attack claimed.

Queen Elizabeth II expressed her sympathies earlier today:

“Following the shocking events in Westminster, Prince Philip and I are sorry that we will not be able to open the New Scotland Yard building as planned today, for very understandable reasons.  I look forward to visiting at a later date. My thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathy are with all those who have been affected by yesterday’s awful violence. I know I speak for everyone in expressing my enduring thanks and admiration for the members of the Metropolitan Police Service and all who work so selflessly to help and protect others.”

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British authorities remain confident in their belief that the attack was carried out only by Masood, and that they do not expect any further attacks. Mrs. May has stated that the national threat level in England would remain at ‘severe’ (meaning attack likely), but not be raised to ‘critical’ (signifying an imminent attack).

Masood used a rental vehicle to mow down pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge before continuing on foot to the gates of Parliament where he stabbed London police officer, Keith Palmer. He was then shot dead by police.

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