A beloved high school tradition of having themed outfits for basketball games, took a different turn for one Iowa team. Valley High School in Des Monies, Iowa planned an American themed out for a high school basketball game. They played another area team, who was offended by the outfits. North High School believed it was a racist intention to have this theme, as they have a diverse team full of refugees. Valley High School released this statement about the game,

Parents and community members were outraged at the apology from Valley High School. People took to the comments of this post to express their anger.

“Wow this is such an an offense to the very country that offers these students the opportunities they enjoy so much, no one should have apologized for this, as a parent of a high school student I am ashamed that our administrators give in to this kind of garbage.”

“I am in complete disbelief that anyone in this country would ever have to apologize for wearing USA apparel. Come on VHS. Stand for something, or you will fall for anything.”

“My son left the house last night decked out in red white and Blue. It infuriates me that a letter was sent apologizing from the student body. I am curious how many kids and parents weighed in on this before it was sent. I will never apologize to anyone for being proud of the country we live in, nor do I want any of my kids thinking this was a bad move. I am completely shocked this was an issue at all. This had nothing to do with race religion or gender. It simple was the theme of the night like a beach theme or a country theme. This sends a horrible message to our kids. I would never want to have my name or my sons name involved with any such letter. This is beyond belief to me.”

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