It is no secret that Donald Trump has been in the spotlight for years. In 1987, he wrote his bestselling book The Art of the Deal, and he had already become a well-known real estate mogul. Since that time, he has obviously only become even more famous and has gained more publicity.

With decades worth of media coverage, it is interesting to look back at what President-elect Donald Trump has said throughout the years. With decades old appearances with Oprah, David Letterman, and even an appearance in Home Alone 2, he was all across the media throughout his adult life.

Trump responded saying that he would “probably not” run, although he would never completely rule it out.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he was presented with a question of whether or not he would one day run for President. This came after he voiced a very critical opinion about the foreign policy which America had been pursuing. He stated that the United States was not in a system of free trade, as other nations, especially our allies like Japan were able to sell their goods here, while it was virtually impossible to sell American products in these same countries.

When asked the question of whether or not he would run, Trump responded saying that he would “probably not” run, although he would never completely rule it out. He went on to elaborate on the issues he saw with the path America had been taking at the time.

“I just probably wouldn’t do it Oprah[…] I do get tired of seeing what’s happening with this county, and if it got so bad I would never want to rule it out totally.”

Winfrey went on to ask for his thoughts regarding that years Presidential election, as well as about his chances of winning should he decide to run. Interestingly, Trump echoed many of the same sentiments which he centered his campaign upon during his run for the Presidency, which would eventually be almost 30 years later.

“If I did decide to do it, I think I would be inclined… I would say that I have a hell of a chance of winning. I think people are tired of seeing the United States ripped off.”

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