According to a PEW Research study, the number one reason why Millennials are leaving the church is not because of hypocrites in the church, but a lack of belief. This has stemmed from the church giving vague answers to serious questions. When someone has a doubt, many answer with “read the Bible” or “everyone has doubts.”

These are unacceptable answers to serious questions. If someone asks why should they believe the Bible, why tell them that it is normal to have doubts. Tell them why you believe the Bible. If you do not think you have the knowledge, refer them to a pastor. A pastor should know apologetics, and if they do not, they should learn them.

What is Apologetics?

While reading this, you may wonder “what is apologetics?” Apologetics, according to is:

“the branch of theology concerned with the defense or proof of Christianity.”

Why should we teach apologetics?

The most important reason is because without apologetics is that when youth go off to college, especially secular colleges, they have no way of defending their faith. This can be true with some Christian colleges as well. When confronted with reasons for evolution and other world-views, they have no way to defend Christianity.

Youth will fall from the faith because they will find no proof in the Bible. It is horrible that that is the case, yet teaching apologetics can fix this. We need to prepare our youth to be able to defend their faith. There is actually a benefit of living in a “Christian Bubble.” It can prepare you to defend your faith in a secular world. Apologetics is not taught in many churches, and this needs to change.

Can we change this? Can we help others understand why to believe the Bible? Definitely. We just need to give them serious answers to serious questions.

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