I’m Really Over Your Trigger Warnings


Here’s the thing about life, it’s not fair.

People are going to make you upset, and you’re not going to like everything everyone else says. But you’re going to have to get over it. Recently, I walked into one of my business courses, to hear my professor tell us that we were going to have a difficult conversation in class today. She even apologized in advanced.

I find this absolutely ludicrous.

The only thing she should have to apologize about is the fact she has to teach a class full of babies who need “trigger warnings.” Beyond their absolute absurdity, they’re detrimental to millennials’ perception of the world.

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In a couple of years, I’m going to be entering the workforce. Thanks to my upbringing, and two parents who work in corporate America I know people are going to piss me off. It’s life. But am I going to run to my boss to tell them I’ve been “triggered?” Absolutely not.

Trigger warnings create a false narrative that because you find something offensive, or upsetting you shouldn’t have to deal with it. And unless you are being physically harmed, or explicitly targeted that’s incorrect.

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You don’t get to stifle someone’s right to speak because you don’t agree with it. Especially not in a professional setting, you respectfully disagree, call them an idiot in your head and move on. I promise you this has much more of an impact than demanding a trigger warning ever will.

Do you agree that trigger warnings are ridiculous? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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