The tensions are still high for both sides of politics after the 2016 election. Some have even gone to express their emotions by hacking into social media accounts and tweeting. One incident included the famous pancake house, IHOP.

On Sunday, IHOP retweeted:


This was left on their Twitter account for one hour, but many people already got the chance to take a screenshot. The account that IHOP retweeted received an extensive amount of hate.

IHOP later that morning tweeted:


No one knows for sure who hacked into IHOP’s Twitter account, but this incident and possibly many others in the future could lead to IHOP’s stock price to take a heavier dive.

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Landon Jones is a disciple, local actor, fiction and nonfiction writer, and public speaker. Landon is also an independent conservative who is not affiliated with any political party, but he knows that #BigGovernmentSucks


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