We have all heard the statistic that 1 in 5 young women will be sexually assaulted in college — a statistic that is inaccurate and widely exaggerated. Yet, it is ignorant to state that sexual assault does not occur on campus. So why does the “pro-choice” left want to tell women how they can and can’t defend themselves?


College campuses across the country are gun free zones. Public universities believe that the constitution does not apply to them. They strip away students second amendment rights solely because they are in college. Why does being in college and getting an education lead to you losing your constitutional rights?

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If sexual assault is as big of a problem as universities state, why can’t women chose how to protect themselves?

What will the left tell you? There are other ways to protect yourself, such as “peeing yourself.” No thanks, I’ll take a hard pass.

I attend the University of Iowa which is a gun free college. The university recently stated that 21% of undergraduate women are raped while at the university, that is 1 in 5 women. Recently the state of Iowa tried to pass legislation that would lift the ban on gun free zones on college campuses.

Liberals were outraged at the idea of allowing guns on campus. The same liberals who are upset over women being taken advantage of on campuses. God forbid that women protect themselves against sexual assault on campus.

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If campus carry could protect even one women, wouldn’t it be worth it? If one women felt safer walking alone at night or one women felt more secure going to her 9:00 PM exam wouldn’t that be great? Does the left not want to protect women? Do they want “old white men” telling them how to protect and defend themselves?

It all seems contradicting to what they claim to believe. Women should be able to chose how to protect themselves, including exercising their second amendment right. How about that for being pro-choice.

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