President Obama is leaving office with a fairly high approval rating by the American people. According to Pew Research, 58% of people approved of the way President Obama was doing his job at the end of his presidency. While only 37% disapproved of the way that he was doing his job. This is the highest approval rating that he has received, since being re-elected in 2012.

The overwhelming majority of those who approve of President Obama’s job are Democrats while a small portion are Republicans. The interesting component is Independents view of Obama, 33% of Independents approve of Obamas job.

(Photo: Susan Walsh, AP)

But how will history view President Obama? The American people are split on how history will view President Obama. Pew Research says that 18% of people say that history will see him as outstanding, 28% say above average and 26% say average.

While 11% say below average and 16% say Obama will go down as a poor president. Only time will tell how President Obama is viewed in years to come and the majority opinion is still up in the air.

President Reagan had the highest rating among American people, in regard to how they thought they would be viewed in history as president, 42% of people said he would go down as an above average president. While only 30% said that above President H.W. Bush, 32% about President Clinton, and only 8% said about President W. Bush.

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