Pandora was one of the first to pave the way of streaming music over the internet, but as the world got more specific in its needs, Google, Spotify, and Apple all wanted to get in on streaming music online. However, unless you have an Android phone, many people don’t think about Google’s Play Music as an option for their music consumption. However, they’ve got some distinguishable parts that set them ahead of the others.

Since the dawn of its creation, Google has been focused around making every user’s experience their own. From customizing their Google Searches, to recommending restaurants, to learning where you work, and now to building music you didn’t know would be perfect for the occasion you probably didn’t think that deeply about.

It’s a common struggle: Having a party? What kind of music should be played? What is the theme? Google’s new Play Music app has been revamped to put the (suggested) needs of its users first.

“At a high level, Google’s mission is to make the world of information really accessible and useful to people,” said Elias Roman, the lead product manager for Google Play Music.

Another example is Google Now reminding you to leave to get somewhere on time based on traffic, weather, etc. With Play Music every time you open the app it updates with your location (At the gym? Need workout music to get pumped up? Or are you at the office and need some music to help hone in on your task at hand?), and the time (Need some soft voices to put you to sleep, or just some tunes to do some cooking to? Google’s got ’em).

There’s playlists with endless songs, if its a Saturday night and everyone wants to party, or if its a somber Tuesday evening and you just want something to play in the background while you snuggle up close to the fireplace and read your favorite novel.

While Spotify does offer similar playlists, they don’t get updated nearly as often and lack much of the variety of playlists the Play Music offers. Google hopes to up their competition with these new updates.

You can get Google Play Music on Android and Apple.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you take Google up on their free trial? Let us know below!

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