We know that the progressives are extremely pro-abortion but to think that they are getting more extreme on the issue of should worry everyone especially those who are fighting to protect life.

“Public support for legal abortion, while little changed from earlier this year, is as high as it has been in two decades,” said Fingerhut. Women seem to be the be playing the biggest role in the increase as ” 85% of Democratic women think abortion should be legal in all or most cases, up 18 points from March.”

Those who support Clinton are the most extreme when it comes to abortion. “A wide 82%-majority of those who support Clinton believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases,” stated the study.

60% of those that support Trump think abortion should be illegal.

The Christian Post reported that “Pew’s findings caught the attention of the moderately conservative publication The American Interest, which saw the data as proof that it is the Democrats who are creating polarization in the nation, not Republicans.”

“It’s an article of faith among academic political scientists and much of the media that polarization and gridlock is a Republican-driven phenomenon — that the GOP has moved dramatically to the right while Democrats have drifted only modestly to the left,” argued The American Interest.

“It’s easy for academics and journalists to repeat the conventional wisdom that GOP extremism has created polarization, because the distance between the views of GOP voters and the academic and journalistic class is indeed growing, especially on social issues. But like pre-Copernican astronomers, the experts might sometimes be confused as to the cause of the motion they are observing,” they concluded.

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