University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson has made quite the name for himself for being outspoken against “gender-neutral pronouns” and warning against a bill that would criminalize not honoring one’s pronoun preference — and he’s about to bring that controversy to Harvard University’s campus.

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A new student organization on campus headed by a former Harvard College dean plans to push the boundaries of the administration’s “tolerance”.

Conor Healy, the student leading the group, made the following statement to the campus newspaper:

“Some people see it as stirring the pot. I mean, the very fact that people see it that was is part of the reason why we these events are important, because we have fundamental disagreements, I suppose, with a lot of people about what it means to be a student on this campus.”

Healy emphasized a 27-year-old administration vow that endorses the freedom of campus groups to “hold speaking events without interruption,” and his organization wants to test if the university administrators will honor it.

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It will be interesting to see how Harvard administrators react to the controversial event. We will update with any developments.

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(H/T The College Fix)

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