As previously reported, Dr. Melissa Zimdars, a professor at Merrimack College, created a list of news sites that are “false, misleading, clickbait-y, and/or satirical ‘news’ sources.” She came up with the idea shortly after Facebook announced they will start to crack down on “fake” news sources.

A red flag with her list is how it labels many respected, conservative-leaning news sites as unreliable or for having clickbait headlines. Some of the news sources on the list include: Independent Journal Review, The Daily Wire, RedState, Washington Examiner, and The Blaze.

Another red flag is how liberal sites like Vox, Salon, Slate, and BuzzFeed are not even on the list, even though all of the aforementioned sites fit the criteria.

Despite the clear bias in the list, it hasn’t stopped Harvard University from putting Professor Zimdars’ project on its “Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda” guide, stating it is “a brief introduction to the spread of misinformation of all kinds and tools for identifying it, and reading the news with a more informed eye.”

The Harvard guide also lists websites, such as Snopes and Politifact, as reliable fact-checkers, despite both websites having a history of being unreliable and being biased towards conservatives.

According to Professor Zimdars’ Twitter account, she describes herself as a feminist and an activist. The professor could not be reached for comment in time for publication.

The university could also not be reached for comment.


In a statement to Hypeline News, Professor Zimdars said:

“All of the sources you listed are in my unpublished list of 100 websites/news orgs to analyze and potentially add, which is based on suggestions from a variety of people. In my resource I strive to differentiate between between credible political sources and propaganda, which is why I include sources from across the political spectrum that circulate misleading and/or outright false information as well as reliable politically-oriented sources that are categorized as *political (further defined as publishing verifiable content).”


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