Harvard University is planning to change its alma mater to veer away from the word “Puritans”, a religious reference to those who founded America.

“Fair Harvard”, the alma mater for over 180 years, is being changed to be more “inclusive” and “diverse.”

Danielle Allen, the co-chair of the university’s Presidential Task Force for Inclusion and Belonging, said Wednesday that the last line, which currently reads, “Till the stock of the Puritans die,” will be changed.

The alma mater reads:

Fair Harvard! we join in thy Jubilee throng,
And with blessings surrender thee o’er
By these Festival-rites, from the Age that is past,
To the Age that is waiting before.
O Relic and Type of our ancestors’ worth,
That hast long kept their memory warm,
First flow’r of their wilderness! Star of their night!
Calm rising thro’ change and throv storm.

Farewell! be thy destinies onward and bright!
To thy children the lesson still give,
With freedom to think, and with patience to bear,
And for Right ever bravely to live.
Let not moss-covered Error moor thee at its side,
As the world on Truth’s current glides by,
Be the herald of Light, and the bearer of Love,
Till the stock of the Puritans die.

Harvard President Drew Faust began the operation in September. The group was “tasked with evaluating Harvard’s efforts to create an inclusive environment and recommend improvements,” according to the Harvard Crimson.

“Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are fundamental to our missions and to our identity and essential for creating a better university, and the responsibility for that is one shared by students, faculty, and staff,” Faust said at a campus event Wednesday titled “Afternoon of Engagement on Inclusion and Belonging.”

Harvard is also planning to add “an endorsed alternative” alma mater.

“The goal is to affirm what is valuable from the past while also re-inventing that past to meet and speak to the present moment. The inspiration is ‘Hamilton.’ The point is to use your imagination,” the university task force said on its website.

The group is asking students for submissions rewriting the last line of the current alma mater in addition to feedback on the “endorsed alternative.”

Campus Reform reported that Harvard University previously changed its alma mater in the 1998 to be more “gender-inclusive,” changing the word “sons” to “children”.

Now, the task force said on its website that they think “it’s time for a change.”

(H/T The Blaze)

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