With all the unrest in Venezuela, residents have gone to unimaginable extents to get basic staples of survival. Pets have been left to starve, dozens of zoo animals have been died of starvation, bread lines have become commonplace, and food has become extremely difficult to come about for just about everybody in the nation.

Carmen Mendoza of Venezuela recently went to New York to visit her daughter. But also an extremely important reason for her to visit the United States was so that she could purchase toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, beans, corn flower, tuna fish, mayonnaise, and aspirin.

With Venezuela’s recent economic disasters, a robust humanitarian disaster has came about. There is extreme shortages with food and medicine, there has been substantial increases in crime, and constant calls for President to turn in his resignation Nicolas Maduro.

According to CNN, the 66 year old Mendoza went to a new Whole Foods store down the block from the residence of her daughter. In this visit, she was brought to tears after seeing fully stocked shelves and fresh fruits and vegetables, something that is no longer available in Venezuela.

This type of visit has become a recent trend for those with the means to travel to America and have family to stay with here. Last year, half a million Venezuelans came to visit the United States, many of those with similar intentions of Mendoza.

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