That’s right! You can finally call out bias wherever you may see it now thanks to Google. Well, you could have before, but now it’s much easier!

This election has seen lies flung from both candidates and there simply is no denying that. The real difficult part is sadly trying to weed out the truth. To make this easier, Google is adding a new “fact check” label in order to tell you if its real, or if its just another lie not worth your time.

The tag is seen in Google’s News feed. An important thing to note; it doesn’t check every story, but actually verifies articles that are checking lies etc. Areas of key concern are “urban legends, politics, health and the media itself,” Google said in a blog post.

Google said it has already identified 100 websites dedicated to fact checking, and the goal of the new tag is to “shine a light” on the efforts of such organizations “to divine fact from fiction, wisdom from spin.” Among the first are PolitiFact and Full Fact.


In order to remain unbiased, Google’s criteria includes that groups must be “nonpartisan, with transparent funding and affiliations. Google also wants more broad websites to prevent even subtle bias, stating that the fact-checking organization “should examine a range of claims in its topic area” and that it should not be “targeting a single person or entity.”

The new feature is a major push by Google to be the best place to find accurate news, a rank that most see in Facebook. However it is incredibly easy to be biased in Facebook (after all it is where you share your thoughts and your opinions on the things that matter most to you), and this new feature should help keep bias away from skewing important facts that might be crucial in ones voting decisions.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you still going to stick to scrolling Facebook for your daily update or will you be giving Google a try? Let us know below!

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