Apple is well known for their support, with their stores and “geniuses” there to answer your questions, repair your device and solve any other general issues. However Google is doing something new: its Pixel customers will have direct access to Google’s phone and chat support.

Now, let’s clarify something right now: Google’s phone support is outstanding, at least when compared to other tech companies tech support. If the workers are outsourced, you couldn’t tell, they’re-easy-to-understand fluently English speaking with little or no accent impeding your understanding of any potential problems. Google truly offers high class support you would be required to pay for with a company like HP or other tech companies.

To access the built-in support tool, open the Settings app and tap on the Support tab at the top of the screen. There are a few different options you can take advantage, depending on your needs.


Tap on the Chat button then fill in the Chat request form with the gist of your issue or question. You will be placed into a queue. While you wait, you can leave the support app and browse Facebook, or set your phone down. The Support app will send you an alert when a representative is ready to help you.

Once a chat is started, the app looks and works just like any messenger app. This makes it very convenient for people with all sorts of tech backgrounds to get help without getting confused.

If chat isn’t really your forte, then you can have then call you and take control over your device to show you a solution or solve a problem for you.

Is this a feature you would take use of? Might this be the reason you buy a Pixel? Let us know below!

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