Sunday morning, gold legend Arnold Palmer passed away at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh where he has been undergoing testing since Thursday.

Palmer is regarded by many as one of the, if not the greatest golfer of all time. He won seven majors, over ninety tournaments, participated in the Masters in fifty consecutive years, and helped to start the Golf Channel.

He was also the recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal in the year 2012. Also in that year, when reflecting on his legacy he told CNN, “I would like to be remembered for bringing golf to a worldwide audience.” Palmer has been widely accredited for being a major reason as to why gold has become a much more popular sport that is accessible to average people.

During the prime of his career, his main counterparts were Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. The “Big Three” together made for great competition and as a whole also helped to propel the sport’s popularity.

In recent years, Palmer has gained much attention for the mix of iced tea and lemonade which he popularized during his playing days. Today, it a major staple of the Arizona iced tea brand.

(h/t CBS Pittsburgh)

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