This week in political news, Fox News conducted a poll asking individual Americans how trustworthy they perceived the Trump Administration versus the media. Just slightly more American’s trust the Trump Administration in comparison with the media. What might be some contributing factors to these beliefs held by half of the country?

Another portion of this poll asked individuals if they feel that the media is tougher on President Trump than they were on former President Barack Obama. Although a strong percentage of American’s agree that the media is tougher on President Trump, they also believe that the media should be harsh on our Presidents.

See poll results here.

I believe that a major factor in the shift in opinions of so many American’s is the blunt partisanship of the media. There seems to be no more middle ground in political news. You can’t turn on MSNBC as a conservative and expect to like what you hear, and vice versa with liberals and Fox News.

However, these corporations (and yes, I conveniently used the word corporations to inflict the idea that these are big business companies) aren’t actually reporting news, just opinions.

Which in some sense is fine. If you’re Tomi Lahren and you’re getting paid to express your opinion then heck yes. That’s what I want to do when I grow up, so there are no complaints from me. However, I find it very difficult to form my own opinions when I have others forming them for me.

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I should be able to turn on a news channel and listen to the news, not someone’s opinion of the news. If I want someone’s opinion, I’ll hop on Facebook or a website like HYPELINE that gives voices to opinions. Nonetheless, opinionated news corporations are the reason that the country is starting to feel more trustworthy towards the White House than they do the media.

Another factor is the fact that President Trump is blunt. He pushes past the media organizations and instead of answering to them, he answers to the American public. He uses these media outlets to directly speak to the American people.

Presidents, although constantly badgered by the press, for the most part have consolidated solid relationships with the press, as their mutually exclusive relationship relies on it. However, President Trump doesn’t seem to care about this so-called “mutually exclusive” relationship. Why? Because the media loves to hate him. Their relationship is starting to dissipate, especially with Trump using other forms of mass social media, such as twitter.

The President has received a lot of slack for his excessive use of twitter to assert his opinion but the difference between the President and the journalists that report on him is that Trump gets paid for his opinions and journalists don’t.

Let’s stick to the news ladies and gentleman and leave the tweeting and opinions to the man that more than half the country trusts more than the media.

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