The Nobel Peace prize is one of the, if not the most prestigious honor to receive across the world. It is typically given to accomplished individuals who have dedicated their lives to advancing peace domestically, as well as across the world.

Geir Lundestad, was the former secretary of the organization who although he could not vote, he had a substantial influence in the decision making for just about 25 years. He sat down with the AP and explained their process and reasoning for giving the prize to the new US President, Barack Obama. The move is still criticized mightily to this day, as it was granted to the President before he could virtually do anything to promote world peace.

Lundestad explained that the prize being awarded was hoped to strengthen Obama’s ability in the United States, however the award had been met with much controversy in America. He added that even President Obama himself had been surprised that he was the beneficiary of the award.

He also revealed that initially the Obama Administration had asked the precedent for completely skipping the ceremony which was help in Oslo. However, they learned that just about the only times this had ever happened involved an individual whose government would not allow them to leave the nation.

It appears that much of the reason why Obama had been granted the award was related to his campaign promises for peace and the hope which he inspired not just in the United States but internationally as well. With this, the committee had hoped by awarding the prize he would have more leverage to follow through with his promises.

But with the approach which the former influential secretary has taken, it appears that maybe they are disappointed in what has happened in the years since the initial award was given out.

(h/t BBC)

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