Two male teenagers, ages 13 and 14, in Florida were arrested Thursday after authorities discovered that they had plans to perform a school shooting similar in style to the devastating shooting that took place at Columbine.

The boys were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department, they were placed in custoday at the DoJJ or Department of Juvenile Justice.

Apparently, both law enforcement and school officials roughly on Tuesday and the boys were arrested after “officials learned of, and intervened in a plot to initiate a mass shooting at their school,” according to the release.

Tuesday evening, officials became aware of rumors spreading between students. The rumors indicated that a student was planning a mass shooting on Friday, January 27th. The student was intercepted as he attempted to go to school. When officials intercepted the first student, that was when the involvement of a second student was found out.

The 14 year-old student further went in depth about the talks of the shooting, including a signal to be used to alert the other to start firing.

No weapons were found on the students or in their school lockers. However, while serving a search warrant, firearms were found on the properties of both teens, and it is assumed that a school shooting was successfully prevented. No further arrests are expected.

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