Filming anything with a drone can take your video to the next level.

Drones have the ability to capture a ‘God’s eye’ view of a scene that has previously been reserved for high-budget movies and expensive helicopter rides.

But many drones on the market don’t give you the best functionality. They are hard to move, have low battery life and are a lot of extra baggage when traveling. But finally, the drone we’ve all been waiting for is here.


GoPro’s Karma is the next level. Whether your capturing footage in the air, handheld or mounted to your favorite gear, Karma does it all.


It’s small enough to fit in your backpack and powerful enough to film in 4K. It’s very lightweight and the camera can detach from the drone onto a handheld stabilizer (which is included).


The GoPro Karma drone is said to have around 20 minutes of battery life from a one hour charge.

Karma can fill all your filming needs — for $800 dollars. And it’s also social! GoPro’s Passenger App lets friends view your flight and control your GoPro while you fly.

The official release date for Karma is October 23rd and it’s going to fly off the shelves. You can pre-order it here.

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