Warning: This story contains obscene pictures of “vagina-esque” cookies.

This story truly shows just how unhinged the modern feminist movement has become.

A Reddit user named JPstudly posted a story by a friend of his who teaches second grade. According to the post, the teacher had an awkward encounter with the radical feminist mother of one of her students.

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Like many teachers, the woman in the story would occasionally ask parents to bring snacks to class as treats for her students’ good behavior. Unfortunately, one of those parents was a radical feminist. This parent decided to bring cookies resembling vaginas to the class for the 7-and-8-year-old children to consume.

“I decided you can use these to teach the kids about the woman’s vagina today,” the mother told the teacher. According to the teacher, there was a variety of different vaginas within the batch of cookies, including “small, puffy, white, brown, shaved, bald, even fire crotch.”

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Unsurprisingly, the teacher deemed the cookies too inappropriate to give her students. At this point the mother “burst with the fury of a thousand angry Andrea Dworkin’s.” She said the teacher should “be proud of her vagina” and started yelling at her in front of her class.

Later that day, the teacher received an angry e-mail from the mother.




Not only did the parent refuse to apologize, she actually wished harm on the teacher.

I would put money on it that this mother owns a pink “p***y hat” and took her child to at least one “women’s march” within the last month.

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