High school student Kerby Martin decided to do a social experiment in conjunction with a school assignment. She decided to post a picture on Twitter with her wearing a shirt that read “#Meninist”, a sarcastic pro-men hashtag. Martin wanted to prove that large amounts of modern-day feminists do not approve of differing points of view.

She was proven to be correct.

According to Red Alert Politics, within in hours of posting the picture, feminists responded with more than 200 negative tweets, some mild and some more aggressive.


Credit: Red Alert Politics


Credit: Red Alert Politics
Credit: Red Alert Politics

After receiving the large amount of hate, Martin responded with a full statement:

“I am not oppressed in society as a woman, and neither are you. Unless you allow yourself to think that. Victims exist yes, of real issues like rape, racism, abuse, and other horrible acts. Not because of the things third wave feminists claim. Meninism is a joke and not a movement. My meninist shirt was a satirical hit at third wave feminism in America, and its ineffective methods for solving social issues that are inaccurate and counterproductive.”

The shirt comes from a popular Twitter account that was started as a joke to post dank memes, which usually make fun of third-wave feminism. As such, there has been large amounts of threats to people who wear the shirts @MeninistTweet sells.


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