It is undeniable that Donald Trump’s executive action taken last week to ban entrance into the United States for people from seven majority Muslim countries has been controversial. Protests were sparked in airports across the country, as it had been reported that green card holders from these nations were being denied entry.

Within hours of the order, federal courts took issue with the actions which brought the legality into question. Yesterday, a Seattle based federal judge ruled against the Trump Administration, ultimately delaying the action from being enforced.

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Judge James Robart is a senior judge on the US District Court for the Western District of Washington State. Judge Robart was appointed by President Bush to this position in 2003. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed suit against President Trump in response to the actions taken which temporarily banned refugees and immigrants from the listed countries.

Ferguson filed the federal suit alongside officials from Minnesota who also objected to the Constitutionality of the actions. It was argued in the case that the actions violated the Constitutional rights of immigrants and their families, while it also targeted Muslims.

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The White House issued a statement to the decision saying, 

“At the earliest possible time, the Department of Justice intends to file an emergency stay of this order and defend the executive order of the President, which we believe is lawful and appropriate.”

Trump’s appointment for Attorney General still has not been confirmed to oversee this situation. It is expected that Senator Jeff Sessions will be confirmed this week.

Attorneys representing the federal government argued that the individual states did not have the ability to file this type of lawsuit. Additionally, they argued the Executive Order was well within the powers which are given to the Executive Branch.

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(h/t The Hill)

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