Recently, the FBI has begun an investigation into Lars Maischak, a Fresno State University lecturer who made threats against Donald Trump and Republicans. Maischak tweeted about having Trump assassinated and having Republicans executed for supporting deportation of illegal immigrants.

Maischak is on Professor Watchlist as well. According to his entry, “Dr. Maischak is a lecturer in the history department at Fresno State University. He recently tweeted that he wanted Republicans executed for supporting deportation of illegal immigrants. He also said he wanted Donald Trump hanged and asked if anyone was raising money to fund an assassination of Trump.”

Now, according to local newspaper the Fresno Bee, the FBI is looking into Maischak’s tweets. According to the Bee, “Fresno State President Joseph Castro said Wednesday that he and his staff will continue to cooperate with federal investigators in their probe of a German-born history professor who ignited a firestorm when he said on Twitter that President Donald Trump must hang to save democracy. In a conference call with reporters, Castro said has been in frequent contact with the FBI, Secret Service and Homeland Security since last Saturday when professor Lars Maischak made national headlines after a report surfaced that he had tweeted ‘to save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better.'”

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