Tech giant Facebook is stronger than ever. According to second-quarter report, its monthly active users now number 1.71 billion, a 15 percent increase from this same period last year, and it has more than 1 billion daily active users on mobile. If Facebook continues growing at this pace, it will have over 2 billion monthly active users by the end of next year.

If you invested in Facebook on day one, your investment would have more than tripled in the 4 years the tech giant has been a publicly traded company.


According to The Verge:

Facebook posted its second quarter earnings for investors today. The social media giant reported $6.44 billion in revenue and $2.05 billion in profit. That’s a 59 percent increase over the $4.04 billion in revenue during the same period last year.

With record breaking users and revenue, Facebook is sparing no expense investing in research for the future. Facebook has invested billions on mastering virtual reality, boosting high-speed wireless connectivity, and even using drones that can provide internet access in remote areas.

One thing is certain, Facebook is showing no signs of slowing down. And if you’re an investor, even a fraction of previous growth levels spells a large return.


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