While attempting to educate students at El Camino College Compton Center about free markets and Capitalism, a Turning Point USA activist, Dominique Blair, was removed from campus by the police for not obtaining a permit to table at a public institution.

“In order to do anything on this campus, you must have a permit,” a police officer stated.

“We have the Constitution that says that you have your freedom of speech, that’s your first amendment right.” replied the activist, noting that she was on public property and exercising her first amendment right to free speech.

The police refused the activists statement and asked her to comply with their orders. The activist was then ordered to remove her table from campus. While packing her things, Dominique Blair promised to fight back against the restrictive policies on campus.

“I’m fighting for the rights for everybody in the city of Compton to table,”  Blair stated. “This is a club and this is a public campus.”

The police quasi-agreed with Blair, but said they had to follow orders. At the end the video, the police officers do their best to assist the free market activist.


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