The University of Minnesota held a campus conversation over a sanctioned ‘build the wall’ sign painting on campus. The conversation was almost immediately interrupted by protesters who hijacked the event.

Dozens of protesters yelled “hey hey ho ho racism has got to go” as they circled attendees.

The protesters were greeted by student body president, Abeer Syedah, who raised her fist and chanted along.


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The campus conversation was scheduled after the College Republicans at the University of Minnesota chose to paint a ‘build the wall’ display as part of a sanctioned school event called paint the bridge.

The conversation event was originally intended to begin a dialogue about the campus climate and provide updates on issues and the 2017 legislative session in Minnesota. University President Eric W. Kaler along with Student Body President Abeer Sydah and Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing Teddie M. Potter were to lead the discussion.

The protesters weren’t satisfied with the planned conversation. Instead, after circling the attendees they jumped onto the stage and began speaking through a megaphone.

“I feel directly impacted by the hate speech because that’s what it is, it’s not free speech,” yelled one of the protesters. “This is hate speech and President Kaler dismissed the feelings of students on campus.”


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Furious about the ‘build the wall’ sign, one of the protesters asked if any member of the College Republicans was in the audience and to stand if they were.

The president, Madison Faupel, stood up in the crowd. After the event Faupel was screamed at and swarmed by protesters.

Hypeline obtained a statement from Faupel after the wall was originally vandalized.

“Regardless of how one feels about building a border wall or Mr. Donald J. Trump, it is never acceptable to interfere on other people’s freedom of speech,” Faupel stated. “[F]ree speech is at the center of a functioning democracy, and the actions taken against our panels run contrary to free speech.”

“President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Secretary Clinton, and Minnesota Governor Dayton have all supported building a wall on the Mexican border while they were U.S. Senators (Secure Fence Act of 2006). We look forward to students writing angry letters and reporting these Democrat politicians to the Bias Incident System for hurting their feelings as well.”

Read the her full statement:


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