In a series dubbed RAW (Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness), students at Loyola University are encouraged to talk about their “white privilege” with other white people in the university. Students participating “must self-identify as white” and are tasked with analyzing and exploring their whiteness.

RAW is hosted by Loyola University’s Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs. The program is designed to allow white-identified students to begin the journey of “operating in solidarity with others and their privilege.”

Hypeline obtained a flyer promoting the workshop:


On Loyola’s website, the workshops are described as “a place for White identified individuals to examine what it means to be White, to critically reflect on themselves and their actions, and to work to identify and confront racism in schools, in society, and at Loyola University Chicago. ”

There are a total of seven workshops that are two hours in length for white students at Loyola to discuss what it ‘means to be white’. The workshops are as follows:

  • Workshop 1: Groundrules, Safe space, Vulnerability
  • Workshop 2: Diversity Foundations, Intersection of Identities
  • Workshop 3: Defining and Analyzing White Privilege
  • Workshop 4: Unpacking and Unlearning White Privilege
  • Workshop 5: Cycle of Oppression and Socialization
  • Workshop 6: Effective Ally Behavior, Bystander Intervention
  • Workshop 7: Reflection, Goal Setting


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