Emerson College, located in bustling downtown Boston, is dedicated entirely to “oratory” — communication skills and performing arts. Unsurprisingly due to location and concentration, the school is known for its left-leaning sentiments. However, it seems the administration has taken PC-culture a bit too far.

The term ‘homosexual’ among other words has been declared to be offensive in their latest issue of “Guidelines for Inclusive Language”.

The online guide states:

“Use gay or lesbian when describing people who are attracted to members of the same sex. Avoid the use of homosexual and homosexual relationship.”

The guide details proper rhetoric for discussing “abilities/disabilities”, “ethnic and racial designations”, “gender, sex, and sexuality”, and “power-based interpersonal violence”.

The guidelines include referring to minorities as “historically underrepresented groups or people of color” and “person who uses a wheelchair instead of wheelchair-bound person”.

Emerson also defines gender as:

“an individual’s internal sense of feeling like a woman, man, both, or neither”

College campuses and PC-culture have collided to produce a generation of college students that are characterized by a troubling inability to confront and embrace those whose beliefs differ from their own and instead by default resort to throwing tantrums and demanding they be given their way.

The end-game of this liberal PC-culture indoctrination was seen at UC-Berkley when the student body nearly burned down their campus in a desperate attempt to not hear opposing viewpoints from conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos. Even following the event, a professor at the campus accused “conservative agitators” of causing the violent protests at the event. As a result of the fiasco, the school is forced to prepare far in advance for an event with the controversial Ann Coulter.

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The fact of the matter is that offensive speech is free speech and is protected by the First Amendment. It’s time to college campuses to realize and accept that.

Campus Reform, who first reported the Emerson guide, reached out to Emerson officials for additional background, but administrators declined to respond.

Read the strange language guide in its entirety for yourself here.

What do you think about college campuses attempting to be more inclusive by restricting speech? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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