Elon Musk has made a name for himself in setting lofty goals for his businesses. At the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, Musk is set to announce a plan on September 27 to set up a way to bring humans to Mars.

This comes, despite the recent issues that have faced his companies, including a rocket which exploded resulting in an Israeli satellite being destroyed as well as the Tesla being hacked from 12 miles away.

His address entitled, “Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species” looks to explore the issues currently preventing travel to Mars, while also looking to explore a plan to be able to get to successfully transport people to the red planet.

Although this may seem to be a rather difficult task, it may not be impossible. One of the the latest endeavors by Musk has been SpaceX, which sought to launch rockets into space that could return, land, and be relaunched.

Despite the recent setback involving SpaceX, his company has now created a rather important innovation which has accomplished this previously thought to be unattainable goal.

Can Musk’s plan to bring humans to Mars be accomplished in the near future? Let us know below in the comments or on Twitter @HypelineNews.

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