This Doctor is Curing Cancer and Redefining Health as we know it


Patrick Soon-Shiong is not yet a common name, but the work he is doing is planting a shockwave through the medical and technological industries. Soon-Shiong is a South African-born American surgeon, professor and researcher, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He is becoming ever-increasingly popular due to his groundbreaking work bringing technology and medicine together to bring cures and vaccines to ailments once thought incurable – like cancer.

Dr. Soon-Shiong presenting on his work to help cure cancer.
Dr. Soon-Shiong is seen here giving a presentation.

Back when the Obama administration had launched a campaign to fight cancer, Dr. Soon-Shiong also launched his own Cancer Moonshot 2020 program to work to find a cure as soon as 2020. The program serves to not only find a cure to one of life’s most devastating diseases, but he also seeks to make potentially lifesaving medical information available to every care provider who needs it.

In his detailed article titled Medicine’s Manhattan Projecthe explains how “a potentially life-prolonging case study, or a key piece of genomic information in the patient’s own history could exist in one of the many databases of digitized records across the country.” However without a link between all of these databases, lifesaving information might never be accessed by a large number of people who need it.

Dr. Soon-Shiong and his work to cure cancer
(Photo by Ringo Chiu / Zuma Press)

In an interview with JAMA, Dr. Soon-Shiong explained how using the National LamdaRail, which contains thousands of miles of extraordinarily high speed fiber-optic cable, could help bring the large amounts of necessary data to where it needs to be in order to save lives.

“For example, the amount of data storage that is needed is going to be enormous. The infrastructural need to move terabytes of data, there’s no system that’s been built. So that’s why I took on the National LamdaRail many years ago [that] built 300 000 fiber miles, which can move data around this nation.

With both the knowledge Dr. Soon-Shiong has created and the infrastructure he’s developing to share this knowledge, he is leading the way finding the cure to cancer.

Something many people don’t think about often when thinking about a cure for cancer is a vaccine. Many people don’t get the severe ailments their ancestors had due to increasing knowledge leading to vaccines. Dr. Soon-Shiong has been working with the government to further his research on a cancer vaccine, and it’s recently seen some important milestones, such as approval by the FDA.

Dr. Soon-Shiong is also the CEO and Chairman of of NantHealth, an organization whose goal is to enable improved patient outcomes and more effective treatment decisions for critical illnesses. They have developed treatments such as GPSCancer to be able to offer in-depth individualized information that can lead to better personal treatments with higher rates of success.

Through his innovations found in his revolutionary research and his breakthroughs in the infrastructure of medical information, Dr. Soon-Shiong is paving the way to not only the cure for cancer, but he is reshaping the medical industry entirely and opening the door to allow other doctors to find more cures for more diseases.

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